The Association

In accordance with European Union and national regulations, from 1 January 2003, a Dangerous Goods Transport Safety Adviser must be employed in all companies where activities related to the transport of dangerous goods are carried out. 

In this context, the Association of Instructors and Safety Advisers on Transport of Dangerous Goods (H-DGP) was established on 5 November 2002 with the aim of enabling "dangerous goods" professionals working in this special field to act together to increase the safety of the transport of dangerous goods. Thus, our association has set itself the goal of representing the interests of registered adviser and instructors and assisting their professional work. 

In recent years, the number of our members has grown steadily, and we are currently located in almost every region of the country. The competent ministry (ITM) or as a result of cooperation with the authorities, we are able to provide our members with up-to-date information, which is an essential requirement when transporting dangerous goods. 

We believe that in addition to the development of technical conditions for the safety of the transport of dangerous goods, one of the most important factors is the personal factor, so the primary task of both ADR instructors and safety advisors transfer of knowledge to those involved in transport. 

According to our previous practice, we hold professional days at least twice a year, where, in addition to lectures and discussions, participants can gain insight into the life of certain companies engaged in the production, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste. 

Managing Committee

Ivan Schmelczer


Medical Doctor, Molecular Biologist, Geneticist and English-Hungarian Professional Translator; works as instructor in multimodal transport of dangerous goods He’s earned Certified Dangerous Goods Professional (CDGP) designation from IHMM, Certified Training Professional and Air Cargo Professional designations from IATA.

György A. Molnár

Vice chair

Specialized in waste mangement, and waste transportation.
More than 20 years experience

Peter Szakács

Vice chair

Chemical Engineer, specialized in ADR, IMDG REACH, GHS, CLP
Running the TOXICHEM Ltd. and the online helper website

Supervisory Board

Lajos Bánkeszi


IRU Academy graduate, driving instructor,  DGSA, trainer, member of BTE, PMKIK, MKFE, GRSP

Attila Pál

Board Member


Zoltán Novák

Board Member


Ethics Committee

Tibor Gáll


Forwarder, ADR/RID DGSA, Trainer. Specialized in transporting of pesticids, fertilizers, plastic raw materials. Owner of the 
Szinva Global Care Ltd.

Cecilia Tóth Boros

Committee Member

environmental engineer
ADR trainer
Kiskun County Hospital
hazardous waste specialist

Bertalan Agócs

Committee Member

Chemical Engineer, ADR DGSA 
Certified expert as “dangerous establishment official in charge”, industrial sites conforming to Seveso III: identification, licensing, operation.